Planning is already well under way for the 2017 season! The Region is seeking to create regular-season teams in at least three divisions, as well as three elite teams in preparation for the girls provincial championships:


*Interregional Midget (born 1996-2000): the Tigers will play a hybrid season, with half of their games against girls in the LBICM and the other half against Midget B boys in LSL.


*Bantam (born 2001-2003): a Bantam A team hosted by BWI in Pointe-Claire and a Bantam B team based in Pierrefonds.


*Pee Wee (born 2004-2005): early consideration for a Pee Wee B team based in Lachine.


*LSL will send elite teams to the provincial championships in Bantam, Pee Wee and, pending BQ confirmation, Mosquito.


Anyone interested in playing for the LSL girls teams can contact the regional representative at


Inquiries for the Bantam B team may be directed to head coach Thierry Schmitz at


The Region will support the formation of regular-season girls teams in all divisions. Anyone interested in helping running such teams can contact the regional representative.